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The Mobile Applications Laboratory NPC (mLab) was successfully awarded a Regional Innovation Support Programme (RISP) grant by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s (CSIR) Technology Localisation Implementation Unit to establish an AgriTech and TravelTech regional innovation network in the Limpopo Province.

The project aims to build a network of researchers, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs to establish a vibrant agriculture and tourism technology ecosystem in Limpopo. Polokwane is the ideal city from which to start building the network and will serve as the hub from which to expand the network to more remote parts of the Limpopo Province.

The RISP Project will focus on:

  • Establishing and building a network of collaborative stakeholders
  • Stimulating a vibrant ecosystem that supports innovation
  • Promoting community engagement through innovation activities and challenges, and
  • Incubating and supporting qualifying start-ups to facilitate the commercialisation of AgriTech and TravelTech in the region.
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Project Overview

Our Aim

The agriculture and tourism sectors boast strong potential for unlocking innovation opportunities that will help build a thriving economy in the Limpopo Province. The aim of the mLab RISP Project is to fuel collaboration amongst stakeholders, and the growth of AgriTech and TravelTech ecosystems in the Limpopo Province by capitalising on the region’s entrepreneurial successes, existing networks, and public-private partnerships.

Our vision

To position AgriTech and TravelTech entrepreneurs as active innovation and change agents in the Limpopo economy, demonstrating the ability of empowered youth to drive technological and social change.

Pilot Projects


Innovation in Limpopo

Benefits of a vibrant

Traveltech and AgriTech community

Increased collaboration

Collective brand & voice

Showcase & promote local innovation & start ups

Industry association

Investment attraction

Build pipeline & rates of commercialization

Core partners

  • CSIR
  • Limpopo Connexion
  • Mlab
  • Science and Innovation

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